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Has Your Car Driven Its Last Mile? 3 Ways To Get It Out Of Your Drive & Out Of Your Way!

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Used cars that are in good running condition are always in demand by those who search for reliable, affordable transportation. But if your car is no longer able to be safely or dependably driven, finding someone willing to buy it becomes a lot trickier. With luck, you may be able to advertise it as a fixer-upper vehicle and attract the interest of someone willing and able to do mechanical work or refurbish the body and interior, but this too can be difficult. For cars that are in really poor shape, even this option may be unavailable and you are likely to be left with a dead car taking up space in your drive or garage. If you are tired of seeing your old, decrepit vehicle and just want to make it go away, try one or more of the following options.

Offer it to your local vocational school for student practice

Vocational schools that offer mechanical or auto body courses are always in need of vehicles for their students to practice their skills on. In some cases, the mechanical students disassemble, repair and reassemble the engine and drive train, while auto body repair students work on the exterior and upholstery students refurbish the interior. Once the car has been completely redone, the school may raffle or sell the car to cover the cost of supplies, scholarships or other expenses needed to continue their program.

Offer the car to a local church or community group

Another option to get rid of your old car is to offer it to a local church or community group that refurbishes old cars and then donates them to those who may not be able to afford a vehicle. This option is an especially good one if your old car requires only a moderate amount of repairs to return it to road ready condition. 

Offer to donate your car to charity

Cars in any condition are often able to be donated to a number of charities or organizations who recycle or sell them to fund their work. This option is especially well suited for cars that are causing space issues or those that are parked on the street where it is forbidden by municipal ordinance or HOA restrictions. In most cases, these charities or organizations will be able to tow the vehicle away quickly.

When donating your car to any person, organization or charity, remember that in most cases your donation can be counted as a deduction on your annual income taxes and the charity or organization will happily provide you with a receipt upon request. For more information, contact a car donation service.