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3 Fun Ways To Wear Your Prostate Cancer Awareness Pin

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 If you obtained a prostate cancer awareness pin last September during prostate cancer awareness month, it's important to consider the enormous impact that your pin can have on those around you when you're wearing it. Unfortunately, many men don't discuss their cancer and too many prostate cancer patients have died because their disease progressed too far before being diagnosed. Therefore, it is a kind and benevolent action to wear your prostate cancer awareness pin all year long to remind every man who sees you to be screened for that deadly disease. Below you'll find fun ways you can show off your pin and hopefully inspire prostate exams for the men who have been avoiding that appointment.

#1-Attach It To Your Purse Strap So It Will Always Be With You And Can Be Easily Seen

Since you might not always remember to transfer your pin from one sweater to the next and many pins have made their way through the washer and dryer, losing that jewelry is common. However, many women carry a purse and rarely leave home without it. Therefore, it's a good idea to get in the habit of attaching your prostate cancer awareness pin to a strap on your purse at night.

By doing so, you'll always know where it is and you won't need to search for it on a morning that is already rushed.

#2-Wear It Around A Hair Clip 

Another fun way to call attention to your little blue pin is to attach it to a hair clip or other form of decoration in your hair. For instance, you can use an invisible hair tie, or even a neutral-colored rubber band to attach the pin to your hair decoration.

For best results, you might want to consider using a neutral-colored clip so that it is easier to bring attention to the pin. Alternatively, you could match the color of the hair accessory to the shades seen in the pin.    

#3-Wear It Over A Button On Your Blouse

Wearing a pin on a lapel is a common practice and will certainly allow your pin to be seen by others. However, it is not the most original way to wear jewelry and a better option might be to place it over the top or second button to close it. By doing so, you are not only presenting those around you with the statement associated with your pin, but you are also personalizing your clothing and that is always fun. 

In order to minimize the possibility of damaging your purse, it's best to attack the pin around the strap, not by pinning through it. If your purse straps are too thick to permit you to pin it around the strap, you can instead attach it to an unused inner pocket of your purse. If you opt to pin it in a purse pocket, you should choose an area that doesn't come into contact with items in your purse, or you may risk damaging the jewelry.      

In conclusion, prostate cancer often manifests with few symptoms and a late diagnosis can reduce the likelihood of diagnosis. Therefore, it is essential to remind the men you know to be screened for it at the appropriate time and consistently wearing your prostate cancer awareness pin is an easy way to prompt those around you to do so.

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